How to Reach

Chincholi Morachi is a peacock sanctuary village which is not more than 50KMs  from Pune. Drive direction Morachi Chincholi, This village dwells over 2,000 superb beautiful angles named Peacock. You can make a tour of day or two to this place by following either of these route from Pune, Visit Mauli Agri Tourism Facebook Page

Direction 1: Drive direction Morachi Chincholi from Pune

 (Assuming you are starting from Yerwada, Pune Station, Pune Airport, Swargate, Kalyaninagar or Chandannagar) around 47KMs drive

1) Drive on Pune-Ahmednagar highway SH27 up to Shikrapur around 30KMs from above mentioned locations.

2) When you reach in Shikrapur, after the bridge on VELU river then you can either take left at Pabal Phata chauk, and ask for the road to Kanhur Mesai or if you miss this chauk due to traffic, then take left at Malthan Phata which is around 600m ahead.

3) If you have taken left turn to in Pabal phata, then around 500 meters ahead, take road to Kanhur Mesai, which is starting of small road and move without stopping to Hivare village for a distance of around 8KMs.

4) Once you reach in Hivare, then Dhumal Pimple then You will reach to Kanhur Mesai  the road heading to slope,from here Chincholi Morachi is 3KMs away.

5) Once you reach at Morachi Chincholi Bus Stand, there you will see one entrace to village on right hand side of the road, DO NOT turn on right side in the village, go strainght towards Mauli Agri Tourism.

Direction 2: Drive direction Morachi Chincholi from Pimpri Chinchwad

(Assuming you are starting from Bhosari, Aundh, Nashik phata, Khirki or Chinchwad) around 40KMs drive

1) Drive on Pune-Nasik highway (NH50) up to Bhosari around 05KMs from Nashik Phata.

2) Once you reach in Bhosari, take an immediate right turn before Foot over bridge to Alandi, which is well-known for Dnyaneshwar temple and travel up to Shel-Pimpalgaon for the route of Shikrapur, which is around 25KMs.

Direction 3: Drive direction Morachi Chincholi Ahmednagar

(Assuming you are coming from Aurangabad, Ahmednagar towards Pune) around 23KMs

1) Drive on Ahmednagar-Pune state highway up to Shirur,

2) Once you reach into Shirur, take a right turn towards Ramling town.

3) Take a straight drive up to Chincholi Morachi which is around 23KMs. In between this path, you will travel from Malthan which is also one of the tourist spot for village life.

Direction 4: Drive direction Morachi Chincholi from Mumbai

(Assuming you are starting from Mumbai suburban regions, like Dadar, Thane, Boriwali or Washi)

  1. a) From any part of Mumbai suburban regions, drive up to Panvel and get on Old Mumbai-Pune Highway
  2. b) Drive up to Lonavla, next to that, come up to Talegaon Dabhaade.
  3. c) Once you reach over here, take the road to Chakan, which will take you much closer to your destination.
  4. d) In Chakan-Talegaon chauk, you’ll have 2 options to reach Morachi Chincholi,
  5. i) Take straight way to Shikrapur, which is around 20 KMs from the Chauk.
  6. ii) Take left turn towards Rajgurunagar, which is around 10 KMs from the chauk.
  7. e) And here you go, after this much long drive from noisy city road traffic, you will have to follow either of Direction 1 OR Direction 2route to reach the heavenly place named Morachi Chincholi.

Enjoy your stay in the naturally dwelling place of peacock….


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