activities & Facilities at Morachi Chincholi
Facilities and activities at Morachi Chincholi

In your child hood, you used to enjoy the bath in well; roaming with friends all over the mountains at nearby places and often seen sunset till it darken the horizon. Do you think, it’s now hard to get those golden old days back in your life for some period? Then answer is “NO”.  Morachi Chincholi is the place where you can discover all your old days and make your children to experience the pollution free life for weekends. Facilities and activities at Morachi Chincholi.

Shivar Ride

* Go for rural ride of farm rides on tractor or bullock carts.

* Enjoy Bird surveillance of untouched environs in the shadow of tamarind trees all over the shore of water reservoir.

* Enjoy Kite flying in open space of Chincholi Morachi

* Go for a round of gilli danda, climbing on trees or marbles, of which you will never get a chance in your colony.

Camping and tent

Camping and Tent

* Camping and tent services available in Morachi Chincholi

*  If you make a stay for couple of days, then you can enjoy the peace of rural evenings under the open sky covering you with stars in the dim lights of lantern.

* Schools and organizations can arrange their NCC & RSP camps, picnic.

* Pleasant environment and fresh air for those muscles exercises.

* Take the advantage of Natural silence for Meditation to improve your spiritual power.

* Plenty of open space for Outdoor Games, if you are planning for.

Activities with Farmers

* If you are interested you can try all farm activities with farmers at our home, such as seeding & watering the field, feeding cows & buffaloes, fetching water from the well in the field.

* Go for a jogging in the early morning cleanness to cheer up your mood.

* Enjoy seasonal fruits’ voyage like, sweet mangoes and bananas, yummy tamarind and custard apple.

Experience the innocent touch

* Get closer look of how cows, buffalo and goats are milked. Experience the innocent touch of calf, puppies and chickens.

* Get away some of flowers and decorative plants from farmers for your gardening at home.

* You can get more details on rare ayurvedic medicine plants and enjoy the visit of Nakshatra Garden.

Hurda Parties

Hurda Parties, Chulivarchya Bhakri, Zoonka in chilled winter season at Morachi Chincholi of every year with bonfires.

Hurda Parties
Early morning Yoga activities

Early morning Yoga activities


What you see with the telescope in the sky?!!! for overnight stay activity: Mercury and Venus with its phases like Moon, Mars with Polar cap at its close approach, Jupiter its belt and four Moons, Saturn rings & it’s Cassiani division and the largest moon of Saturn Titan, Uranus and Neptune as pale muddy ball.


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